Thirty, Flirty, and Mostly Thriving

It’s not like my twenties were horrible. Sure, there were embarrassing moments caused by some regrettable fashion and makeup choices…but isn’t that the cross of all millennials to bear?

Stick to 4 Things: Don’t Try To Do It All

Whoever said that “moms can do it all” was probably a man. That man most likely never cooked, cleaned, or took care of any kids himself. This nameless man that I’ve villainized in my head was a liar. You should not have to do all the things.

Failing is Definitely an Option

I failed at taking birth control. Not on purpose! But it turns out that birth control is only 99% effective when you take that little pill within the same hour every single day. I took two vacations in December 2016 and failed to account for time zone changes. Long story short, my daughter was born 41 weeks later. If I hadn’t gotten accidentally pregnant, I don’t think I would have a family right now. I built up so much fear around having baby that I am almost glad that the choice was made for me.

Unpopular Opinion: 2020 Wasn’t the Worst

I know it’s been a minute, so hey! How have you been? In the last month I started a new job, moved across Phoenix, and celebrated two big holidays. There hasn’t been much time for writing or getting some consistent workouts in, or cooking dinner every night (which are three big things that keep me sane and bring me joy). So, this year I made a commitment to put up a post every week. I’ve already missed two weeks so we will just pretend today is January 1st. At some point our new home will feel “finished” and I will settle into a new fitness routine around my 40 hour work week and maybe I’ll have a little more free time to commit to this space. For now, I have to make a conscious effort to write (I’m currently writing this in my phone with a toddler in my lap both kids watch some Disney Junior show about a kid vampire).

One Way I Found Joy This Year: Books

Until last year, I couldn’t remember the last time I picked up a book without an ulterior motive, so I made a goal in 2019 to read ten books. I, maybe, read three books all year. I started more than that, but it was really hard for me to get into a story.

So…What Do I Eat?

I’ve told you all about how I am sensitive to dairy and how I incorporated fasting into my lifestyle. Those two things are all about what I’ve eliminated from my diet. So you might be wondering what foods I consume to fuel me up to keep up with my toddlers. The short answer is animal-based… Continue reading So…What Do I Eat?

Would I Be Missed?

If I died today, would anyone miss me? I know my husband, my kids, and my immediate family would miss me, but would anyone else? My honest answer is: I don’t think so. While I’m being completely vulnerable, I don’t have very many friends and I definitely don’t have a “best friend.” There is no… Continue reading Would I Be Missed?

My Breakup with Dairy

I want to start by making it clear that I am not a doctor. I am not a certified nutritionist. This is my personal experience discovering a food sensitivity and how I eliminated it from my diet. In no way is this blog post medical advice. Please consult your health care provider if you are… Continue reading My Breakup with Dairy


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