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TLDR: Yes, I Drink Alcohol

I like to drink. I like the social aspect of it. I like the taste of a nice glass of wine. Do you know what I don’t like? The hangovers that get increasingly more punishing as I get older. Do you know what I REALLY, REALLY don’t like? Being hungover and having to take care of children who wake up before 7 am (Paw Patrol only buys me so much time).

I can admit when my husband is right

While driving home the other day, my husband said something that brought me to a full stop. “You don’t ask questions.”

Thirty, Flirty, and Mostly Thriving

It’s not like my twenties were horrible. Sure, there were embarrassing moments caused by some regrettable fashion and makeup choices…but isn’t that the cross of all millennials to bear?

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