Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be filled with joy.

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Thirty, Flirty, and Mostly Thriving

It’s not like my twenties were horrible. Sure, there were embarrassing moments caused by some regrettable fashion and makeup choices…but isn’t that the cross of all millennials to bear?

Stick to 4 Things: Don’t Try To Do It All

Whoever said that “moms can do it all” was probably a man. That man most likely never cooked, cleaned, or took care of any kids himself. This nameless man that I’ve villainized in my head was a liar. You should not have to do all the things.

Failing is Definitely an Option

I failed at taking birth control. Not on purpose! But it turns out that birth control is only 99% effective when you take that little pill within the same hour every single day. I took two vacations in December 2016 and failed to account for time zone changes. Long story short, my daughter was born 41 weeks later. If I hadn’t gotten accidentally pregnant, I don’t think I would have a family right now. I built up so much fear around having baby that I am almost glad that the choice was made for me.

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