Mental Health

Failing is Definitely an Option

I failed at taking birth control. Not on purpose! But it turns out that birth control is only 99% effective when you take that little pill within the same hour every single day. I took two vacations in December 2016 and failed to account for time zone changes. Long story short, my daughter was born 41 weeks later. If I hadn't gotten accidentally pregnant, I don't think I would have a family right now. I built up so much fear around having baby that I am almost glad that the choice was made for me.


So…What Do I Eat?

I've told you all about how I am sensitive to dairy and how I incorporated fasting into my lifestyle. Those two things are all about what I've eliminated from my diet. So you might be wondering what foods I consume to fuel me up to keep up with my toddlers. The short answer is animal-based… Continue reading So…What Do I Eat?


What’s the Big Deal with the F-word?

When I use the F-word I get a lot of weird looks. Then, in my typical, people-pleasing way, I feel the need to explain myself: "Because it makes me feel good." "Because it can be powerful." "Because it challenges me." "Because there are tons of health benefits!" benefits? No, this probably isn't the f-word… Continue reading What’s the Big Deal with the F-word?


Let’s Start at the Very Beginning…

...It's a very good place to start. I won't start singing the Sound of Music, but I do want to share a little more about me and why I started this blog. After graduating high school in 2009, I moved from Southern California to attend Arizona State University. After a full year of copious amounts… Continue reading Let’s Start at the Very Beginning…